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Originally founded in 2014 by professional team in Japan. Photon Group is an asset management firm specifically investing in renewable energy sectors, including photovoltaic farms, in Japan.
Photon Taiwan has raised US$40 million from Japanese investors to dedicate in investment of Taiwan’s evolving photovoltaic market. Our mission is to establish and contribute sustainable businesses in Taiwan through renewable energy and deliver returns back to our investors.


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Photon Group has created a unique investment strategy that is both power sector focused and each country market focused. This is why our investment strategy is different in each country. Since the establishent, we differentiate ourselves by focusing particularly in the clean power sector, building up the power business value chain, and value added approach through a deep understanding of the local markets and legal systems. Moreover, Photon Group’s equity fundraising strategy is also focused on Japanese investors, which we believe will accelerate our investment performance and give us a competitive edge in Asia. The Photon Group will continue to focus on achieving a sustainable society, while maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment and ensuring long-term safety and stability.

Best Services

Our Services

Project Development

Assist in project development to construct renewable power plants. Our service includes negotiation with land owners, grid connection and more.

Project Finance

Project finance is essential in order to optimize return from renewable energy investments. We support to maximize return for all parties involved with the project.

Asset Management

To enhance and stabilize our return for our investors, we also provide services to operate and manage power plants.