Photon Asset Management Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Motoki Horikoshi/Mr. Izumi

Phone: 0935914887 | Email:  [email protected]/[email protected]


Required experience

  • Working at Taipower/energy companies/energy investment companies/engineering companies/EPC companies/developers/energy firms/renewable energy funds
  • Conducting technical due diligence on energy projects
  • Should understand what permits /approvals are required for development
  • Should have engineering background in schools


Preferred experience (not must)

  • Construction management (it does not have to be solar projects)
  • Project finance (involving with banks/investors so she or he will know what they require)
  • Energy project development (solar development would be plus) 


Group Position
Investment Team Manager/Associates/Junior


Function Responsibilities and Deliverables
Permit/Approval Organize the list of required permits and approvals for solar development

Assist the team /consultant/EPC to obtain necessary permits and approvals for project development (or sometimes lead the discussion) 

Organize the schedule to obtain permits and approvals 

Due Diligence Check detailed technical reports provided by third parties (owner’s engineers/project management companies)

Lead and conduct technical due diligence and risk assessment

Support the team on conducting business and financial due diligence

Negotiation Arrange the bid process and negotiates with EPC contract/O&M contract

Negotiate terms with engineering companies and technical consultants

Assist any business negotiation with stakeholders



Maintain quality control during construction

Organize the list of daily, weekly, monthly checks and conduct the check according the list

Conduct site inspection at least every month

Monitor the construction schedule

Monitor project construction status with EPC contractors/owner’s engineers/suppliers and advise them to improve technical aspects

Operation Monitoring Prepared the monthly and annual operations revenue and cost projections and monitor the performance

Monitor project operation with O&M contractors and advise them to improve the operation

Reporting  Provides all documentation, schedules and computation requested by the management/shareholders/fund investors

Prepare technical reports or any business reports to Japanese investors in English

Other Supervises the work of Analyst if she or he is associate or manager level
Attends to ad-hoc deliverables as determined by managementSupport finding investment opportunities in TaiwanSupport other matters which required by management

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